an organic approach from A to Z.


Serious and committed, Fairbrands wanted to create a strong identity to transmit their values when addressing clients and partners, be they current or potential ones. Logo, slogan, colours, images: these effects were all used to engage and grow an audience interested in a sustainable fashion company like Fairbrands.

Offering fair trade organic fashion products with an excellent value for money, Fairbrands benefits from a high-performance e-commerce platform. Based on our CMS, theHub, its online shop manages an array of different products and price variations according to customer type. To ensure efficient functioning, the e-commerce tool synchronises daily with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and if needed, upon request.


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Showcase site on WordPress

Integration of our CMS, theHub

Administration of a products catalogue

Adaptation to client's business preferences

Synchronisation with client's ERP

Advanced price rules