GEothermie 2020

Clean and sustainable

Just as with geothermics, our job consisted in innovating in terms of technology to get the most out of the existing resources. Thus, we collaborated with a communications agency to review the project’s graphic charter and to structure the pages' contents. Then our team integrated and applied them on the web to create a modern corporate website. An animated sliding menu, rhythmic pages’ dynamics with well-defined zones, a facilitated access to resources from a mobile, to name just a few elements. 
On the technologies side, we used the Symfony3 framework that not only allows to create tailor-made websites, but also gives the clients autonomy in terms of future developments. Add to that a bit of UX for a user-friendly interface and a responsive and adaptive web design to guarantee the best experience possible independently from the device used. Plus some search engine optimisation through markup and content search.
In short, that’s what is the most modern, just as the technologies used by our client!

Live the experience


Responsive web design for both the front end and the back office
Structured contents adapted to the client’s domain
Tailor-made media resources manager
Graphic charter created by Newcom (