you can bet on it


A true challenge—we’re always up for a good challenge! Presenting Utluna, a web app with high technological added value, adapted to the business-specific needs of financial officers that is also dynamic, efficient and user-friendly. Whew!

Available as SasS, Utluna offers traders—whether amateur or pro—all the resources needed to manage their portfolios, from integrated analytical and statistical tools, to complex ensembles such as Interactive Brokers connected through APIs. The app not only includes a responsive web design, but also high-tech gadgets such as Symfony 3, MongoDB, Redis, Doctrine 2 and Highcharts. Utluna users can monitor the evolution of a number of types of transactions, analyse their results and share their portfolio with other users. This is one app you can bet on.

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Business application

Responsive design

Integration of external resources via APIs

A mix of technologies : Symfony 3, MongoDB, Redis, Doctrine 2 & Highcharts